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We’ve helped hundreds of people to transform their lives through our unique, integrated approach to health and fitness.

Join us in our 6-star fitness studio to start your journey, today!

If you dare to dream, we dare to get you there.


Bronny Meet Dare client, Bronny Lane! ⁠⁠Bronny came to Dare after a stressful three years of lockdowns, work pressures and gaining weight.⁠⁠She had some previous fitness training experience but it was often haphazard, and she didn’t know if she was doing the right exercises for her body.⁠⁠This meant she missed sessions, her routine lacked structure and…



Laura came to DARE. with a goal to lose body fat and build muscle.

Over 4 months, she dropped 8kilos, lost 25cm off her midsection and dropped 4cm off her legs.

Body fat dropped by 2.5% and lean muscle mass increased by 2.3% to reveal a more slender physique.



Body Transformation Before and After Programs


Carol Starting body fat 13% End body fat 3.5% Total body fat loss 9.5% Starting Weight 64kg End Weight 59kg Total weight loss 5kg The Story Carol came to coach Luke with very limited weight training experience, only around 6 months. Her background was in athletics in her early years and later in life she…



At 52 years young, Adrian Buceto, affectionately known as Boo, epitomises the philosophy that ‘age is just a number.’ Driven by a love for challenges, Boo approached DARE. with a singular goal—to become the best version of himself in 2023…



Esa Starting body fat 23.4% End body fat 13.5% Total body fat loss 9.9% Starting Weight 77.2kg End Weight 69.1kg Total weight loss 8.1kg Please note this was an 11 week transformation The Story Esa came to coach Luke with already a sound training background. His experience in powerlifting was a huge advantage as he…



Alison came to DARE. with her husband, looking to rehaul their nutrition and live a healthier lifestyle.


By following her plan, she has dropped 10kgs and continues to lose fat week on week with us.


Mel After 16 weeks with Dare Head Coach Luke Walker, she lost 7.6 kg and dropped 6.2 % BF. She also lost had a 20 cm reduction in waist girth measurements. The Story Mel was extremely frustrated after many failed attempts to lose weight. She had just completed 12 weeks of group training without dropping…



DARE. Co-Founder David Ottobre loves to challenge himself, he recently embarked on an 8-week focus with DARE. Coach Vince Rogato to see what they could achieve after a 4-week Rebuild phase…



After quitting his office job in search of something more, Sav came to DARE. to help him get there…



As a busy mum, Lynette wanted to lose fat in an efficient way. With a combination of personalised strength training sessions and a high protein, whole food nutrition program, Lynette was able to drop 4.8kg & pick up healthy habits for life.

Since training at DARE. her body fat has dropped 3.7% and her waist measurements are down by 5.5cm.

Example of body recomposition


Losing 53kg during her fitness journey Lynnie is living proof of what you can achieve, an inspiration to so many…


Tattoed Man Body Transformation Before and After Programs


Daniel Starting body fat 32% End body fat 15% Total body fat loss 17% Starting Weight 80kg End Weight 66kg Total weight loss 14kg The Story When Daniel came to see Dare head coach Luke, he was ready for a change. He was overweight, sluggish and tired but had a drive and determination like no…


Body transformation in Melbourne by coach Miguel


Miguel started his training at DARE. with the goals of becoming bigger, leaner and being able to move better. In his first phase of training he is achieving just that….



Adam came to DARE, looking to improve his routine, body composition, joint function and overall health. He was suffering from severe knee and shoulder pain which limited his ability to play basketball and move about day to day pain free…



Evelina is a DARE. coach who wanted to take on a photoshoot challenge. Alongside Luke Walker, she was able to drop body fat and build muscle to sculpt her physique.


10-12 weeks and some major set backs, but a great result overall for DARE. client, Ilan. The goal was to reduce his body fat percentage and build a solid foundation before beginning a surplus phase for the next 16 weeks minimum…



Julian came to DARE. with the goal of getting leaner and stronger. He has been committed to his training, nutrition and the results are showing. His skin is now clear, posture has improved and his strength is the highest it has ever been…



Tom originally came to DARE. due to a recommendation from his sister who also trains at DARE.
The initial goal was to drop some body fat especially from his abdominal region. The main focus was to push himself to achieve change in a short period between his busy work schedule…