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The Studio

Welcome To DARE. Studio

A 360 Training Experience

This isn’t a personal training studio.

It’s a place to change your life.

Within our four walls, we’ve cultivated a 360 training experience that encompasses nutrition, strength training and progress tracking to ensure you see change.

high-tech luxury

Based in Bentleigh, our hub of fitness is home to the latest high-tech equipment, Vitamin C showers and BodyFat and Muscle Machine Technology.

Fitness has never felt so luxurious.



Our focus is on quality not quantity. That’s why we limit our memberships to 200 per studio. We also limit capacity to 12 people on the studio floor at any given time. 

When someone is giving their all to better themselves, we give them our all to deliver results.

gym machines in bentleigh fitness studio


Discover smoother, easier movement with premium equipment that feels like driving a new car.

When you’re upgrading your physique, you want to train on equipment that helps you level up.

Inside our studio you’ll find focused, energised and humble winners from all walks of life. All working together to better themselves. 

The positivity, the people, the energy – that’s what life long change is powered by.

We’re not just building better bodies, we’re building better lives.

And our studio is where the magic happens.