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Meet Dare client, Bronny Lane! ⁠

Bronny came to Dare after a stressful three years of lockdowns, work pressures and gaining weight.⁠

She had some previous fitness training experience but it was often haphazard, and she didn’t know if she was doing the right exercises for her body.⁠

This meant she missed sessions, her routine lacked structure and she had entire weeks where she put work before her health.⁠

She knew something had to change.⁠

When she joined Dare her attitude towards her health changed dramatically.⁠

Our head coach @coachlukewalker created a personalised fitness and nutrition program specifically designed for her body and her goals. They trained together three times a week.⁠

Just 11 weeks later, she’s feeling incredible in both her body and mind.⁠

🙌 11.5kg down! ⁠
🙌 Lifting heavier⁠
🙌 Eating clean & healthy ⁠
🙌 Sleeping better Feeling happier⁠
🙌 More energised⁠

What’s been the biggest shift for Bronny? 

“Finally understanding that I don’t have to do hard-core cardio to lose weight and be fit!”⁠