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Starting body fat25%
End body fat14.2%
Total body fat loss10.3%
Starting Weight66.3kg
End Weight56.2kg
Total weight loss10.1kg

The Story

10-12 weeks and some major setbacks, but a great result overall for DARE. client Ilan. The goal was to reduce his body fat percentage and build a solid foundation before beginning a surplus phase for the next 16 weeks minimum.

For his training, a very simple linear periodisation model was used, to allow Ilan to lift some heavier weight as the block progressed, while still maintaining a high level of execution.

His nutrition involved an approx 20% average deficit, following a meal plan, that eventually transitioned into tracking macros to develop Ilan’s understanding of nutrition.

It doesn’t take fancy programs or complex training methods to get results for most, just patience, consistency and dedication.

The Program

PHASE 2: Hypertrophy
PHASE 3: Hypertrophy 6-8