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Starting body fat23.4%
End body fat13.5%
Total body fat loss9.9%
Starting Weight77.2kg
End Weight69.1kg
Total weight loss8.1kg

Please note this was an 11 week transformation

Man Body Transformation Before and After Programs

The Story

Esa came to coach Luke with already a sound training background. His experience in powerlifting was a huge advantage as he was able to be Fast tracked through the process. He had done powerlifting for many years but had never done a body comp transformation. He was keen to learn the ins and outs of nutrition and some different types of training protocols. They had 11 weeks to do the job as Esa had booked a overseas holiday. The pressure was on. He wanted to look jacked and shredded. The results speaks for itself. An amazing transformation.

The Program

PHASE 1: LINEAR 4 to 6
PHASE 2: 8 x 8
PHASE 3: 6, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2