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DARE. Co-Founder David Ottobre loves to challenge himself, he recently embarked on an 8-week focus with DARE. Coach Vince Rogato to see what they could achieve after a 4-week Rebuild phase…

The Story

David mentions “I see this as a way of life to me, I’ve been training or in sport my whole life but recently something has clicked for me to another level. This was the easiest prep I’ve ever done; I believe for a number of reasons.

1/ I have a great coach, who I trust and put my faith in. So, I didn’t put anytime into thinking or over analysing what we are doing, I just let him do him and knew it would all work out.

2/ I love being optimal in everything, I always want to improve and get better. I realised many years ago that when you set a date for something what happens the day after?

The answer & question I found many years ago was; Are you still going to train and eat the next day or week?
Yes, so don’t over-emphasis one day, enjoy it all. Once you find your true values, I believe it’s all easy, you are aligned.”


Phase 1: REBUILD
Phase 2: 8, 8, 16
Phase 3: Giant Sets

The Food:
4 meals a day with a protein source every meal, carbs and fats in 3 of those meals. The only time the carbs were taken out during this cut was the final 2 days.
Whole foods, nutrient-dense meals. No protein shakes were consumed!