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Starting Weight110kg
End Body Weight57kg
Total Weight loss53kg
Squat: BW up to 30kg
Trap Bar Deadlift: 35kg up to 55kg

The Story

Lynnie is living proof of what you can achieve, an inspiration to so many!

Lynnie lights up the DARE. Studio every time she is present, such a wonderful human being who started strength training at the age of 52.
In her own words, she says training gives her a sense of pride and enjoyment. 

Lynnie started her journey at 110 kgs realising that enough was enough and something must change in her life. She is now 57kgs but so much more to this story than just a weight drop.

Lynnie’s technique in the studio is something people who have trained for entire careers would be proud of, her attention to detail & focus has had her hitting goal after goal on the floor.

The Numbers

Bodyweight to now 30kg BB Back Squat for 6 reps 

Trap Bar Deadlift:
35 kg up to 55kg for 6 reps