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Starting body fat21%
Current body fat17.1%
Total body fat loss3.9%
Starting Fat Mass15.2kg
Current Fat Mass11.6kg
Total Fat Mass lost3.6kg

These measurements were taken using the accuracy of our Styku Body Assessment Scanner

The Story

DARE’s very own Coach Miguel and his outstanding results working with DARE. Coach Jeremy!
Miguel started his training at DARE. with the goals of becoming bigger, leaner and being able to move better.
In his first phase of training he is achieving just that.

DARE. Coach Jeremy has worked with Miguel through this process and helped him get the results and in turn the physique he is chasing. But they aren’t done yet! Miguel will continue to train at DARE. and push further to become the best version of himself.

Getting Miguel to a leaner body composition to make muscle hypertrophy more effective was the initial goal, and now they have arrived they’ll get to work on building mass whilst maintaining as much as possible his body composition.

The Program

Mesocycle A: Hypertrophy 3 Day Split Straight Sets 8-12

Mesocycle B: Hypertrophy 3 Day Split Linear Progression Straight Sets 6-10

Mesocycle C: Hypertrophy / Relative Strength Daily Undulating 4 Days