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BB Back Squat57.5kg
Lat Pulldown47kg

The Story

Julian came to DARE. with the goal of getting leaner and stronger.
He has been committed to his training, and nutrition and the results are showing. His skin is now clear, his posture has improved and his strength is the highest it has ever been. All these things combined has given Julian an immense amount of confidence heading into 2023

Julian has worked with Coach Vince 2 times a week One-on-One and 1 time a week in the Dare Difference, in his first 12 weeks he has made some amazing accomplishments. Nutrition played a big part in Julian’s transformation, eating 4 meals a day with a cleaner and more nutrient-rich diet. He was extremely committed to the process, quit drinking and made step counts each day as well as following daily habits that created a sustainable lifestyle.

“Every day you train you are literally a stronger person than you were yesterday, and that translates into stronger results in all areas of life.”

The Program

After a GPP (general preparation phase) Julian entered into a hypertrophy phase. His Barbell Squat has increased by 75%, Bench Press by 21% and RDL has more than doubled. Going from 30kg to 70kg in 8 weeks!

PHASE 2: 6,12 Method
PHASE 3: Tri Sets