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Starting body fat24.2%
End body fat19.4%
Total body fat loss4.8%
Starting Weight75kg
End Weight67.6kg
Total weight loss7.4kg

The Story

Progress so far for Tom, 9 weeks:

Tom originally came to DARE. due to a recommendation from his sister who also trains at DARE.

The initial goal was to drop some body fat especially from his abdominal region. The main focus was to push himself to achieve change in a short period between his busy work schedule.

This was not only achieved, but it exceeded Tom’s expectations of what he could do in such a short time frame. Tom has lost a total of 7.5 kilos so far, and will continue to lose a little more before beginning a surplus/gaining phase.

Congratulations Tom and DARE. Coach Miguel on achieving this result, we look forward to the next phase!


PHASE 2:  Hypertrophy 8-12
PHASE 3: Hypertrophy 6-8