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Why I fell in love with strength training

By David Ottobre
Dare MD
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Down and Out?

It had many experts around me saying your legs are done, you’re getting older you will never get the strength back in your legs. So, I decided to do something different, I decided to see if strength training could help me. When you build a house, the strong foundations are needed first, this was the mindset I approached it with.

I recall not being able to do one rep on the leg curl machine, it took so much to get that first rep but once I got the first rep momentum built and I said to myself just keep taking a step, everyday one more step. I started to build but I still had no confidence in my legs, anybody who has torn a hamstring will know once you feel the snap you have a fear for a period of time the snap will keep recurring after 6 times it was as much a mindset battle as a physical one.

I had to trust in the process, trust my coach and trust all these little steps will amount to big ones and they did! It started to happen the baby steps that nobody wants to do, that when you’re doing them are humbling turned into squatting with a bar turned into sprinting again faster than before, but I wasn’t done.

I fell in love with a movement called the Deadlift, I still recall the day I said I want to have a crack at this, once again people said not a good idea, you’re getting older, your previous injuries. I used the same philosophy, let’s start with the bar and every week let’s take a step. I started with no weight on that bar, the next week moved to 20kgs then 30kgs and so on.

Today my PB deadlift is 240kgs, how does this happen? I thought it couldn’t be done by a person who tore his hamstring 6 times, for a person who was getting older. I’ll tell you how: STRENGTH TRAINING, that’s how! 

Strength Training is not just for bodybuilders, it’s not just for a physical appearance it’s much more than that.

It’s for the person like me who didn’t want to give up, it’s for the person who wants to feel great, Strength training has even been proven to reduce signs of biological aging.

Best Version. Let’s Go!