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BTS: Our Team Day

By David Ottobre
Dare MD

Last Sunday, the DARE team made a trip down to Elevated Springs in Daylesford for a team bonding day with renowned breathwork expert Mark Tiger Kluwer.

We did a full day of recovery, bush walking and hot/cold ice therapy to slow down and bond as a team.

We focused on the three C’s: Community, Connection and Consciousness.

Bush walking

Daylesford is a beautiful spot to walk through the bush and be at one with nature. We learnt that four hormones are stimulated when you have sensory immersion in nature. These are endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin (the ones that make you feel good).

We picked some firewood for our fire, which kept us warm as we were outside the whole day in pretty cold conditions.

Hot/ Cold therapy

As avid exercise enthusiasts, our team loves an ice bath. However, we weren’t expecting to hop into a metal tub filled with actual ice that had a temperature of 0.5 degrees. Our usual “ice baths” are around 7 degrees so the freezing temp was a bit of a shock!

We all hopped in and did 3 minutes each. An unreal team effort.

Breathwork benefits 

For the DARE. team, this day was all about slowing down, getting away and becoming closer as a group. 

We chose breathwork as it is known to help shift stagnant energy and rejuvenate the entire body. It’s a great way to rest and recover, while also creating space to open up and be vulnerable in a group.

Some of the benefits of breathwork include:

Connection, openness and vulnerability

We each shared our feelings on the breathwork and tapped into a new level of vulnerability and compassion as a team. These skills are so important as coaches.

Overall, we had a great day where challenges were overcome and bonds strengthened.