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Boo’s Incredible Fat Loss Transformation Aged 52

By David Ottobre
Dare MD

Meet Adrian Buceto, or Boo as he’s affectionately known. At 52 years young, Boo epitomises the philosophy that ‘age is just a number.’ 

Driven by a love for challenges, he approached DARE. with a singular goal—to become the best version of himself in 2023. Boo successfully transformed his body using a combination of strength training and a personalised nutrition plan that allowed him to reduce his body fat percentage while also building muscle.

Fat loss transformation - Boo

From ACL Injury To Fat Loss Transformation

Boo suffered an unexpected ACL injury while playing football early on in his time at DARE. For many people, an injury like this could have cut their body transformation journey short. But Boo was determined to get through it and doubled down on his commitment to the process.

Collaborating closely with DARE. Coach Vince, they adeptly tailored his training regimen, guiding Boo through rehabilitation. Remarkably, Boo not only regained his ability to walk and move comfortably but achieved this without resorting to surgery, choosing instead to rebuild strength naturally through dedicated training at DARE.

Fat loss transformation 12 weeks

Strength Building Methods Used

Boo dedicated himself to four weekly sessions at DARE., a mix of one-on-ones and the DARE. Difference sessions. Though initially eager to train more frequently, Boo followed the plan. His trust in the DARE. process and coach Vince proved instrumental to his progress.

The last 6 weeks of Boo’s Strength training program were as follows: 

Phase 1: 6/12 method – 4 weeks 

Phase 2: 6,12,25 – 2 weeks

Fat loss transformation at Dare training studio

A Word From Boo’s Coach Vince Rogato

During his fat loss transformation Boo trained with Vince Rogato, our resident Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion. Caring, ambitious and determined to help his client’s shine, Vince was able to push Boo during sessions to achieve optimal muscle growth.

“Boo was very focused and strict through this cut; it made it very clear that when you trust our process and stick to it the results will come. We definitely got a mindset change out of Boo during this process. It was a big confidence booster for himself, what he can achieve mentally and physically.”

– DARE. Coach Vince Rogato

Ready to start your fat loss journey? 

Feeling inspired by Boo’s journey? Why not start yours today?

Boo is a busy professional, who battled an injury and at 52 has achieved some incredible results. None of the setbacks he faced could stop him in his pursuit of excellence. 

His incredible results are testament of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

Will you be next?