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What Makes Our Bentleigh East Gym Unique?

By David Ottobre
Dare MD

Looking for a gym near Bentleigh East? 

The Bentleigh, Brighton and Bayside areas are spoilt for choice when it comes to gyms, but Dare Training takes a completely different approach and goes beyond the conventional gym set up to deliver real results.

We offer a deeply considered and tailored approach to one-on-one training, with a highly educated and experienced team of trainers who join us from Elite Performance, Sports Science and Nutrition backgrounds. 

Our Bentleigh East Gym is a hub of activity, but it’s what you do outside of the studio that counts too. That’s why we’ve invested in a tailored app that tracks your progress and gives you 24/7 access to your PT.

Ready to learn more? Let’s unpack what makes our elite training studio so unique.

7 Things That Make Our Bentleigh East Gym Stand Out

Here are just some of the things our clients love about our state of the art facility. 

Vitamin C Showers

Our studio features Vitamin C showers which smell amazing and have a whole host of health benefits. Vitamin C has long been recognised as playing an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful-looking skin, and it can also reduce chlorine and chloramines. The incredible smell that it gives off stays on your skin throughout the day, boosting your mood and helping you glow from the inside out.


Personal Training Plans For Every Client

Unlike any other gym, we’re fully committed to seeing you succeed. Every client who trains with us has a personal strength training plan, meaning that every session counts. You can access your workouts, nutrition plan and track goals and achievements via the DARE app. With an assigned PT who tracks your progress and keeps you motivated, you’ll be a top performer in no time.

An Amazing Fitness Community In Bentleigh

Forget having to venture into Melbourne city centre to access an elite fitness community. Our Bentleigh East gym attracts personal trainers with a background in high level sports – we’ve got an ex-soccer player, Jiu Jitsu champion and even one of the top female sprinters in Australia coaching our clients.

Our high achieving and competitive community will take your fitness and training to the next level. 

Capped At 200 Members

We know how annoying it is when the floor is crowded and you can’t use the weights or machines you need. That’s why we cap our memberships at 200 members, and ensure everyone books a time slot before coming in.

Floor Capacity Capped At 12 

This system means that there are never more than 12 people training in the gym at one time, with 1 personal trainer per 3 clients at all times. There’s no better way to get the most out of your training and achieve the best results. With a great team around you, and the ability to ask a PT questions in real time, you’ll never be stuck for what to do. 

Body Scans Available Whenever You Like

One thing that sets our Bentleigh East gym apart is that you can access body scans whenever you need them. Our Styku body scanners can be booked via your PT and accessed monthly, biweekly or weekly to track your progress. With a breakdown of your body fat, muscle, hydration and several other factors, you’ll be able to understand your body better.

Top quality equipment 

Our world-class equipment has been mindfully chosen to help you shape and strengthen your body. There have been no expenses spared in the kit out of our studio, because we want you to have full access to everything you need to hit your goals. Our training plans are thoughtful, goal-orientated and carefully curated, so the equipment in our gym reflects that and is equally well thought out.

Ready to change your life? Step into our Bentleigh Fitness Centre today for a free tour of our studio.