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Filter Your Water or be the Filter!

By Kat Ottobre
Dare Product and Lifestyle Specialist

We’ve all heard we should drink only filtered water as tap water contains a plethora of harmful contaminants including Chlorine, Lead, Mercury Fluoride, Bacteria and Germs to name a few.

But have you stopped to think about the water you shower or bathe in everyday?

Most households have what is known as ‘hard water’. The hardness or softness of your water is determined primarily by the level of contaminants, minerals, and heavy metals that’s picked up on its journey from rain fall to your shower. The higher the level of these toxins and heavy metals the harder the water. Over time hard water can damage your skin, hair, and health.

The skin in our largest and most important organ. Studies have shown chlorine and other toxins found in hard water can easily be absorbed into our skin and enter our bloodstream. As a result, your daily shower can have an effect on the following.


Chlorine strips the hair of its natural oils. This can cause dandruff, itchy scalp, and hair to become dry, brittle, and dull. It can leave your hair frizzy and generally hard to managed.

Using a shower filter can protect, revitalise, and restore your hair. It’s also beneficial for dyed or salon hair colouring, helping to avoid brassy tones and for the colour to last longer.


Using unfiltered water can also wreak havoc on your skin causing acne, eczema, and eye irritation. Drying the skin out can lead to fine lines and wrinkles causing premature aging! Hard water is known to cause issues with clogging pipes, imagine what it can do to your skin.

The benefit of a shower filter is the Vitamin C element. Vitamin C has long been recognised as playing an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful-looking skin. Not only that, but Vitamin C can also help reduce chlorine and chloramines. Vitamin C has also been linked to boosting your mood. What better way to start the day!


When we shower, we breath in all the steam and vapours in the water which includes added chemicals. This can cause our airways to react or our lungs to hold onto harmful toxins.

Science News reported that researchers found increases in chloroform in study participants’ lungs of about 2.7ppb after a 10-minute shower. Combined with warm water opening pores, skin absorption, and lung inhalation during a 10-minute shower showed to be greater than the amount that would be ingested by drinking 8 glasses of the same water.


Chlorinated water adversely affects beneficial intestinal flora, as mentioned above the skin absorbs toxins and enters the bloodstream, having too many unhealthy microbes can lead to disease, including cancer.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce harmful exposure to chlorine and other chemicals such as heavy metals is to use a Vitamin C shower filter.

What better way to start your day than taking a Vitamin C shower! Protect your hair, skin, health and boost your mood!

Want to see what all the hype is about, come and experience a Dare Vitamin C shower and reap the instant benefits.