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Why Choose A Personal Training Studio Over A Traditional Gym?

By David Ottobre
Dare MD

Do you feel lost in a sea of treadmills and weight machines at a traditional gym? If so, it might be time to discover the personal touch of a personal training studio. 

PT studios like Dare offer a focused and tailored approach to fitness where an assigned coach takes you through a personalised program. In this article, we will explore why PT studios outshine traditional gyms for those who want to get results.

3 benefits of going to a personal training studio

Unlike traditional gyms where you’re left to figure out your own workout routine, personal training studios offer one-on-one support from experienced trainers. 

  1. Personalised training programs

At a studio like Dare you’ll be set up with personalised exercise programs designed to meet your specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness improvement. 

With the undivided attention and expertise of a dedicated PT, you’ll discover how to move with proper form, stay motivated, and reach your full potential. 

  1. Nutrition advice and plans

It’s not just about the workouts that will help you smash your goals. A good personal training studio will also tailor a nutrition program to your specific goals.

Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness improvement that you’re looking to achieve, with the undivided attention of a coach you’ll be more likely to stay on track with your nutrition to achieve the results you’re looking for.

  1. A luxury environment

Personal training studios also offer a more intimate and private environment compared to crowded gyms. This allows for a more comfortable and focused workout experience, free from distractions. 

Many studios provide state-of-the-art equipment and amenities that enhance the overall training experience.

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3 drawbacks of traditional gyms

  1. Overwhelming for beginners

Traditional gyms can often feel overwhelming, especially for beginners or individuals who are out of shape or not feeling confident in their skin. The vast array of machines and equipment can be confusing, and an overcrowded floor can limit the exercises people are comfortable completing.

With a personal training studio, you’re greeted by a trainer who’s ready to take you through your workout. This limits the feeling of being out of place or overwhelmed and allows you to focus on your workout.

  1. Lack of motivation

Traditional gyms can lack the personal touch and individualised attention that studios and boutique gyms can offer. Many gym-goers find themselves lost in a sea of people, with no guidance or support. This can lead to a lack of motivation and ultimately hinder progress towards fitness goals.

  1. Risk of injury

For those who aren’t used to strength training, picking up weights and starting a new routine can come with the risk of injury. With a coach by your side, you’ll limit the injury risk as you’ll be guided through each movement. 

Going it alone in a traditional gym can be a recipe for injury, especially if you’re trying to train hard without much knowledge on proper form.

How a personal training studio works

Every studio will be different, but the common thread is their ability to tailor workouts to each individual’s needs and goals. 

Each studio should offer an initial assessment to get an understanding of your capabilities and goals. For example, at Dare you’ll undergo an initial assessment where your trainer will gather information about your current fitness level, medical history, and specific objectives. Using this information, they will create a customised program that takes into account your strengths, weaknesses, and any limitations you may have.

This personalised approach to training and nutrition ensures that every minute spent in the studio is dedicated to maximising your progress. Coaches at a PT studio do the thinking for you, so you can just show up to your sessions and follow a nutrition plan outside of the gym. No creativity needed.

How do personal training studios get results?

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of personal training studios is the one-on-one support and accountability. Having a dedicated trainer by your side throughout your fitness journey ensures that you stay on track and push yourself to new limits.

Coaches not only guide you through exercises but also provide motivation and encouragement when you need it most. They act as a source of support and accountability, helping you stay committed to your fitness goals and overcome any obstacles that may arise. This 1-1 support helps clients achieve incredible results. 

Start your fitness journey 

If you’re looking to start your fitness journey, a studio experience is a great option vs a traditional gym.

With a personalised and effective approach to fitness, you’ll receive the support you need to achieve your fitness goals.

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