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How personal training shifts your mindset

By Luke Walker
Dare Head Coach

Hiring a personal trainer or a coach is an amazing investment into your health and wellbeing. But many people don’t realise that the investment stretches far beyond just the physical.

The mindset changes that come from working with a coach are some of the biggest and long lasting changes. These changes can last a lifetime. Once you’ve lost fat and got into incredible shape once in your life, you keep these lessons and tools in your arsenal. This means that you can always lean up and have full control of your physique and fitness in the future.

In this article we’re exploring the main ways that personal training can shift your mindset and set you up for life.

How hiring a PT can be the game changer

If you’re anything like most people, a combination of misinformation and a lack of discipline may have gotten you to a place where you don’t like your body. We won’t sugar coat it – somewhere along the way you probably dropped the ball with your healthy habits and then discovered a whole host of horrible diets as you tried to come back to health.

The truth is – people are almost all the same. Many of us want to be better, but something stops us. That is usually a combination of not having the right information and struggling to execute on the correct information you have.

Many people who are overweight have tried everything to lose it. The only thing they haven’t tried? Hiring a professional to guide them, keep them on track and provide the right information.

Why does a personal trainer help shift your mindset?

You can’t get in the best shape of your life from a place of fear and self-hatred. Self belief is the only way. However, for most people, self belief is hard to come by.

Having someone believe in you before you do is an invaluable starting point in any fitness journey. This is where a personal trainer can shift your mindset and give you the belief that you can actually drop fat and strengthen your body.

Mindset changes that come from hiring a personal trainer

A good PT will be able to get into your head, shift your mindset and leave you feeling positive and motivated.

Here’s the top changes that you can expect to see in your mindset when you work with a reputable coach.

  1. Setting big goals, that stay the same

How often have you set a goal, attacked it hard for 1 week and then decided to set a new goal and go after that?

The truth is, real change takes months and years. You have to commit. 

The reason that’s hard is because it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Day by day nothing seems to change, but over months and years huge progress is made. This is where a coach can keep you on track and remind you that you are making progress.

Your mindset will shift from one where goals are short term to a more long term approach which is healthier and gets better results.

  1. Using data (and having someone to hold you to it)

It’s easy to say you’re eating well and working out. But the reality is, many of us don’t use data to back up what we’re doing. 

People come to us after years of eating ‘healthily’ and exercising well but gaining weight. In these cases there’s a big gap between what people think they’re doing vs what they’re actually doing.

When you work with a coach, your mindset will change from a random approach to fitness and nutrition to a more structured one. Random workouts get random results.

When you stick to something and track everything you do, you’ll soon find that you have a backlog of data that tells you how your body performs. From here you can workout what’s best for you and take control of your weight, strength and body fat percentage.

  1. Believing you can 

By far the biggest mindset shift that comes with having a PT is the belief that you can change.

Many people don’t realise the negative beliefs that they hold about their weight and body. Their default internal monologue is one that sounds like:

“I can’t lose weight”

“I’ll always be fat”

“I’ll never look like xyz”


Subconsciously, when we believe these negative things it makes it much harder to lose weight. With a negative mindset, you’ve lost before you’re even begun.

Working with a coach can help you believe in yourself. This in turn can help you follow healthy habits, with faith and knowledge that you will change. 

Hiring a coach keeps you accountable

Having someone to hold you accountable is an invaluable tool when trying to make any change in life.

With nutrition and exercise choices that are made each and every day, having someone to keep you on track is essential to success.

If you want to experience what it’s like to have someone in your corner, why not contact us now to learn more?