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High Performance Coaching

By Luke Walker
Dare Head Coach

When discussing high performance coaching there are a number of different factors that go into being a great coach and delivering an excellent service for your clients or athletes.

It’s time to raise the standards. Step up our game and make this industry respected on a wider scale. We have a great opportunity to change lives. This should not be taken lightly.

Below I have outlined what I believe are the most important pillars that need to be addressed if you want to provide an outstanding service and results to your clients, so as a result they become raving fans.


One of the most important pillars in my opinion is providing excellent customer service and care for your clients. Your client needs to be the centre of everything you do. Professionalism is an essential part of this. Looking the part, being on time and having a program for your clients are some of the basics but are so often overlooked.

A high-performance coach is present with their client at all times which means focusing solely on them. The client should be the most important person in the room.

Communication is very important. Be aware of the language you use. Keep it professional with the majority of the conversation about them. I like to adopt the 70/30 rule. 70% of the conversation with a focus on the client and 30% about yourself. Another important factor to be aware of is body language. This is huge. Stand tall, have energy and be engaged in the session. Over- all, the coaches that care the most will be the most successful. The cream always rises to the top.


Having a high level of technical knowledge in relation to training and nutrition is vital to be able to get optimal results for your clients and athletes. There is a required level of knowledge in regards to training and nutrition protocols that is needed so you can make the most informed decisions to help your clients succeed. The best coaches are always learning and growing. They never settle and they know there is always something new to learn. I have often found coaches who get comfortable and think they have “made it” hit a ceiling and get stale, leading them to ultimately get bored, lose interest and often leave the industry.

Someone who is a high performance coach has many different tools and strategies at their disposal and is competent at using them at the right time on the right individual. There is no doubt high performance coaches know their stuff but also recognise the importance of timing and when to use it.

Its also vital to be able to educate your clients on the reasons for doing something. Explanation of the “why” is very important for client buy in and understanding. The more we understand why we are doing something the more likely we are to adhere to it.

Something else a high performing coach does is plan ahead. They have vision and a long term strategy of where they want to take the client. They regularly set behaviours, targets and goals for their clients and have a process of checking in and reviewing their progress.


High performance coaches inspire their clients in every way. The lead by example through their energy, health, mindset, training and lifestyle. A good coach walks the walk. They practice what the preach and live and breathe health and fitness. Whether is strength goals, physique goals or sporting goals they are always achieving and striving to be better.

Why would I listen to you if you can’t stay in shape yourself? Why would I eat better if you are eating poor quality foods? Why would I stop drinking alcohol if you go out every weekend? Actions speak louder than words. By constantly pushing yourself to be better in this area you prove you are the real deal and that’s automatic respect.


A High-performance coach is likeable and personable. A high-performance coach will be able to build relationships with a range of different people from all walks of life and find common ground.


High performance coaches perform. They know how to get results for their clients. When under pressure they deliver. Its mind blowing how many clients train with coaches year after year but their physique never changes. Good coaches know the goal, they have plan, they get the client to buy into that plan and they deliver.


High performance coaches are great at bringing the best out of people. They see the potential in people and are great motivators. They have a great ability to push the emotional triggers so they can get an individual to gain motivation and act on their own accord. These types of coaches have the foresight to know when to push and when to pull back. They have a knack of being able to read their client very well and are adaptable in their approach.

High performance coaches are great with accountability. A good coach will inspire you to work hard and keep you on track when needed. They also make you feel invested in them and that your results is their results and that you are on the journey together. They are also not afraid of confrontation or having the tough conversation if that’s what someone needs.

These types of coaches are passionate and absolutely love what they do. They are constantly striving to be better. They are confident in their ability but also humble in their approach. They genuinely care about people and making a difference in their lives. As coaches we should all strive to exhibit as many of these positive high performance traits as possible.