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3 Fat Loss Tips To Move The Needle: Nutrition Focus

By Luke Walker
Dare Head Coach

Ready for the 3 tips that we believe can make the most change when trying to lose fat? Coach Luke zooms in on the nutrition tips that he believes can make the most change.

  1. Keep a Food Journal

A food journal is a great self reflection tool to understand your own habits, patterns and behaviours. Only when we have data can we become aware enough to change. The more data the better.

A few ways you can keep a diary include:

  1. Weigh Yourself Daily

Weighing yourself every morning and recording it in the dare app can help you stay accountable and show real time results. 

Clients who follow our plans usually LOVE standing on the scales and seeing that number come down.

Benefits are recording daily weight include:

  1. Set Step Goals 

Walking is very underrated in regards to fat loss and recovery.

If you want to lose fat, walking 10k, 12k or even 14k steps a day can make a massive difference.

You’ll burn more calories in a way that won’t spike your hunger or increase cortisol levels. The result? Accelerated fat loss with no drawback of excessive hunger and stress that can come from other forms of cardio (HIIT we’re looking at you.)

Ready To Make A Change?

Those 3 tips seem so simple, yet they can be very hard to stick to.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. With hundreds of life-changing transformations under our belt, we can help you achieve your goal.

Our door is always open for a confidential chat if you want to take charge of your health in 2024.