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Adam started at 91.8kg and at the time of this photo 72.8kg (19kg loss).
He was suffering from severe knee and shoulder pain which limited his ability to play basketball and move about day-to-day pain-free.

The Story

“I can’t recommend DARE enough! Their personally tailored programs go beyond the gym. They will mentor you into developing life changing habits as they did for me.”

Only a short time at DARE. working with Coach Miguel, not only is Adam 19kg down but he is now moving with minimal joint pain and is stronger than ever!

Adam has also adopted crucial healthy habits which are now part of his lifestyle. He walks over 10,000 steps per day, has a sustainable meal plan and follows a simple but effective Hypertrophy program.

A huge congratulations Adam for the progress you have made and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!


Phase 1: GPP
Phase 2: GBC
Phase 3: Hypertrophy: straight sets 10-12
Phase 4: Hypertrophy: straight sets 8-10
Phase 5: Hypertrophy: straight sets 6-8